Seller FAQ

When Should I List My Home For Sale?
Now, it’s the perfect time! In general the real estate market has been going up in South Florida.

Should I invest in upgrading the property prior to listing it?
We suggest you list the property as-is since people have different tastes and they prefer a better price than investing in something that they will have to upgrade differently themselves.

How long will it take for my property to sell?
In general if you price it to sell it should sell faster than pricing it over the market and having to reduce the price.

How do I prepare my property to sell it?
Be sure you hire an experienced Realtor specialized in your area who will guide you in how to prepare and stage your property for showings to maximize the potential of selling it.

When is the property taken off the market?
Once the sale transaction has been executed and closed.

How long will it take to put my property on the market?
At Luxury Living Realty we can list your property as quick as the following day upon the listing agreement execution.