Seller Expenses

Luxury Living Realty represents your best interest as our customer throughout the entire process of selling your home. We encourage you to take into consideration the expenses incurred during the selling process. Below you will find a detailed list of expenses that are incurred during a closing real estate transaction.

Real Estate Commission
Whatever fee you have negotiated with your real estate broker. This is a percentage of sale price and is paid to the real estate broker

Document stamps (doc stamps) on the deed
This is a state tax assessed for the sale of the property, due at the time the deed is transferred into the name of the buyer. In Miami-Dade County, Florida, for example, it is $0.60 per $100 of the sales price. Thus, if you are selling a property in Miami for $200,000, doc stamps on the deed will cost $1200
Surtax on the Deed (for non-residential properties)

Document recording fees
Most counties require a per-page document-recording fee for deeds as well. The new deed being recorded for the mortgage is conventionally charged to the buyer. However, there is a deed that transfers title out of the seller’s name, and this is typically a seller cost

Preparation of Sellers Required Documents
These include the deed, bill of sale, no lien affidavit, and 1099 tax form. In some areas, an attorney prepares these documents, while in other cases the title company takes care of this process. Either way, there is generally a fee assessed. This fee is usually called an escrow fee when a title company handles the paperwork. Paperwork prepared on behalf of the seller is charged to the seller.

Title and lien search
This is a process to ensure that you, the seller, have the right to sell your property. It also discovers whether there are any restrictions or allowances attached to the land (such as an easement for power lines). Finally, it will find any liens on the property, including mortgages, back taxes, or construction liens

Clearing title defects
If the title search turns up any liens or open permits on the property, the seller will need to pay these off to ensure a clear title for the buyer

Prorations of homeowner association fees and property taxes
The seller will need to pay the portion calculated for the percentage of the year that they owned the home

Attorney Fees
Should you wish to hire a Florida attorney for preparation of documents, closing etc

*** Please consult with an attorney for more information

This information is subject to errors, omissions, change of price or withdrawal without notice. For your specific real estate needs, contact an attorney for legal advice.