Internet Marketing Services

Email Marketing
Email marketing is an important part of our marketing efforts. Emails get more attention per customer than any social media outlet, and we use this medium to promote our listings along with any other relevant information we wish to share with our clients and colleagues. Check an email marketing here!

Social Media
Social media is a great way to drive repeat business and attract new customers; we at Luxury Living Realty are permanently in contact with our fans and followers through social media. We provide interesting content, share our listings and work constantly to connect with our clientele.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of affecting the order in which a website appears in search engine results. At Luxury Living Realty we are constantly implementing our proven SEO strategy for our website to make sure that we appear at the top of the search results and lead potential clients to our website.

Showcase Videos
Showcase videos are an extremely powerful tool that allows us to highlight the different features of our extraordinary properties. Not only do they showcase the beauty of the property, but they also help us connect with the viewer in a unique way.


Traditional marketing is an important part of our all around marketing strategy to promote our listings and reinforce our brand. Luxury Living Realty is constantly advertising in luxury publications such as Fisher Island Magazine, Miami Magazine and Ocean Drive, as well as creating and distributing flyers to promote our listings. We strategically promote our listings to ensure the best results possible.